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Even after tens of thousands of children staying at orphanages, there’s no any reliable source to fund them, teach them and feed them. If only a group of volunteers come along, there’s huge up gradation in the condition of orphanages and most importantly the children. Funding apart, proper guidance and education are equally important. The situation is same with elderly homes.

Volunteering for empathy gives you the initial idea for your entire life how humanitarian deeds make impact. We volunteers go to orphanages and elderly homes to assist them in their daily activities. We assist, teach, groom and motivate the children and elders.


  • Volunteer in Orphanage Nepal
    Volunteer in Orphanage - Care, Assist & Teach Children
  • Volunteer for Earthquake Reconstruction
  • Volunteer for Yoga Nepal
    Volunteer for Yoga & Health

Majority of children in underprivileged communities are deprived of proper education. Most children either quit study due to lack of proper resources or don’t have books to read. We volunteers assist children for education, teach them, help build libraries and schools, collect old books from various sources and do small but effective things.


  • Teach English in Monasteries in Nepal
    Teach English in Monasteries
  • Teach in Community Schools
    Teach in Community Schools
  • Volunteer Computer Teaching in Nepal
    Teach Computer in Communities
  • Volunteer for Yoga Nepal
    Volunteer for Yoga & Health

Air pollution, water pollution, unmanaged solid waste are major issues in the underprivileged communities in Nepal. Lack of proper Governmental policies, the communities are facing enormous risks due to such small problems. Bigger problems like loss of forest, soil erosion, air pollution in the city area etc are also the problems that can be dealt with. When awareness is spread, the problems seem small.

Volunteers aware people for conservation, plant trees in semi urban/urban areas, advocate for environmental responsiveness and many other things.


  • Volunteer for Earthquake Reconstruction
  • Environmental & Conservation Volunteering in Nepal
    Volunteer for Environmental Awareness & Conservation
  • Volunteer for wildlife & conservation Nepal
    Volunteer for Wildlife & Animal Conservation
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Why Volunteer Abroad in Nepal?

Himalayas, the land of adventure and spirituality awaits you for the journey of your lifetime. Spectacular landscapes comprising Mt. Everest to the radiant backdrops adorned by innocent smiles welcome you to energize your core. Volunteering abroad in Nepal with Swayamsevi Travelers is an immensely satisfactory sentiment and an adventure that bring changes in underprivileged communities.


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