How Volunteering Will Help for Earthquake Disaster Relief in Nepal for Years to Come?

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On April 25th, 2015 a huge earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit central Nepal which was followed by several powerful aftershocks and the next enormous one with 6.7 magnitude hit Nepal on April 26. The situation of the country became crucial killing more than 8000 people and leaving 17.500 people injured. The next days and month saw another aftershocks which made everything more than tough. The collapsed buildings, people’s cry, sorrow and disappointment was spread all over Nepal. People were shocked, they became homeless, lost their relatives, parents, children and the assistance to them became urgent. Thousands of people, different charity organizations and simply all the world showed their wish to help this people and relieve their sorrow.

One of the most common means of help is volunteering when various social organizations place their volunteers to disaster sites and assist the victims. If we have a look at the previous huge disaster occurred in Haiti, we will undoubtedly state that the role of the volunteers was extremely useful those days which decreased the shock and the consequences it had caused. In the case of Nepal, if we go compare the situation, we will see that this time again the role of volunteers will be definitely important.

Let’s say that everything is not as easier as one can imagine. The image of any disaster can provoke aftershock situation for the people who have never been at such kind of sites. So before expressing great willingness of helping the homeless or disaster victims, any volunteer should go through special training both psychological and organizational. Without this specific training and preparations, more problems can arise after they appear in a disaster situation and experience shocking scenes they meet.

They can be called as disaster relief volunteers who are and will be involved in many tasks. As the earthquake left many buildings in ruins, they can renovate and rebuild the buildings of the first need like schools, medical institutions, and houses. Many homeless people need temporary shelters and the volunteers can put up tents and give everyday care to them.

The teaching need is also very important. Children should get education and this can be organized by skillful volunteers with teaching skills and patience.

Some group of people as volunteers for earthquake can initiate installing toilets and washing facilities for the areas which were affected badly by the earthquake.

Psychological assistance to the victims is however on top priority. Volunteers should be very optimistic and regard what happens all around. They should display a great willingness of not insulting anyone, giving them hope for the good future and life. They are now in shock, they are desperate, they even can try to commit a suicide so the main task of the volunteers should be giving them hopes and helping them to overcome this difficult state.


Nepal is now in the center of attention by several organizations and especially volunteers willing to convey aid.  So no matter what type of help it is, any kind of assistance to the disaster victims will somehow relieve the hardest times people live now. Volunteer Concern is helping out people suffered. Most importantly, we are working for sustainable improvement.

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  • Peter September 23, 2015 11:10 am

    I enjoyed this post considering the ground reality on the recent disaster for the underdeveloped country like Nepal. It was inspiring for volunteers like us. Keep on posting good opportunities!

    • admin September 24, 2015 6:12 pm

      Thanks Peter. Keep reading our blogs as there are more coming out.

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